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    Judaic Law in the United States – The Ten Commandments are most welcome!

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Response to Breeding ‘terrorists’: What’s the solution?

Response to Press TV’s Interview with Noam Chomsky ‘No change coming with Obama’

Letter to Editor – Confessions of a gullible idiot Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Financial Terrorism January 2009 – Financial News Analysis in Context

Press Release Gaza-Palestine, Fake Wars and Manufactured Enemies: What’s it all about? January 21, 2009

Response to Juan Cole’s ‘King’s Anti-Imperialism and the Challenge for Obama’ January 19, 2009

GAZA Massacre – Are you Next? An appeal to humanity as we obliviously rush headlong towards our own Population Reduction

From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine

Response to Ellen Brown’s ‘How to Resolve the Credit Crisis’ January 13, 2009

Letter to Editor – Premeditated Radicalization: Why? January 11, 2009

From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine – ANNOUNCEMENT: Palestinians Don’t Bleed! Flyer

Letter to Editor Palestinians’ fate worse than Shoah! Jan 09, 2009

Announcement: Gaza Vigil at Stanford University

Palestinians Don’t Bleed!

Project Humanbeingsfirst Report Summaries 2007–2008

Terrorism November–December 2008 ‘War on Terror’ News Analysis in Context

GAZA: The final pretexts for Palestinian Population Transfer in the making! December 29, 2008

A Project Humanbeingsfirst response to mantras and BS on Gen. Alavi’s Murder. December 24, 2008.

A Tapestry: From suffering God and Tyrants to Hope and Servitude December 23, 2008.

Letter to Editor DW: The sounds of silence can be deadlier than the roar-and-thunder of F-16s! December 20, 2008

Letter to Editor 5 Towns Jewish Times: Of Emperors and Pirates, nothing more! December 17, 2008

Letter to Editor DAWN: Are we suicidal? December 16, 2008

Population control, US bio-weapons research, McNamara, Rockefeller, and AIDS – Response to ‘Everything you know about AIDS is wrong’

NB: On Global Warming

Ali Baba in Mumbai – Eid 2008 Reflections

Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman’s ‘And now for a world government’

Financial Terrorism November–December 2008 Financial News Analysis in Context

The Mumbai Terrorist Act: An International Chorus of Actors! December 08, 2008

Rebuttal to Paul Craig Roberts’: ‘Washington Arrogance has Fomented a Muslim Revolution’

The Real Terrorists: Letter to Pak Alert Press December 05, 2008.

Obama’s New Deal December 01, 2008.

Letter To Economic Policy Institute November 29, 2008

Response to ‘Why I won’t vote for Obama’ November 03, 2008

Mr. Obama – The Post Modern Coup: Response to ‘You’re Scaring Me, Obama: Let the Bush Years Die’

LaRouche: A nuanced and expert Disinformationist or merely Uber Alles?

The Monetary Conspiracy For World Government

Monetary Reform: First Look at the Gold Standard

Towards a Common Standard Benchmark for evaluating all Monetary Reform Proposals

Response to ‘Sign Petition for a Monetary System That Puts People First – Open Letter to G-20’

The entrenched notion of Public Debt in America – will take a gestalt shift to overcome! A seeding–prose for Collaboration

Monetary Reform Bibliography – A self-study guide for uncovering the agendas behind the economics gibberish

Open Letter to Hon. Ron Paul Supporters October 29, 2008

The Real Unhidden Agenda – Response to The Federal Reserve Suck Machine is propelling US into ‘Neocommunism’

Not-Voting is a ‘YES’ vote to Reject a Corrupt System which thrives on the facade of Elections and Democracy!

Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat?

Response to ‘America is rapidly becoming Talmudized’

Voter Fraud, ACORN and GOP, and what’s the fuss all about

Response to Greg Palast on ‘The Theft of 2008’

Response to ‘The “Real” Terrorists’

Press Release This may be a psy-op! Response to Wayne Madsen’s ‘FEMA sources confirm coming martial law’ October 09, 2008

Why Bluff Martial Law?

Message to the United States Congress from Project Humanbeingsfirst: It’s now or never!

No Exits on this Super-Highway!

The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Government

Press Release WHAT’S TO BE DONE – Massive Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008.

WHAT’S TO BE DONE: Urgent Breaking News – Bomb blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008

Happy-Happy in Hope and Voluntary Servitude

Response to ‘How the GOP Turned the US Into a Hideous Police State’

Response to ‘Deconstructing Brzezinski’s Russia’

Happy-Happy Zardari: A monologue on Hope and Voluntary Servitude

Hegemony is as old as mankind

Letter to BBC on “Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Program and the plan by the US military to destroy it”

Georgia-Russia: It’s a Classic Brzezinski Project!

Response to “The real meaning of the South Ossetian war: Russia strikes back”

A Response to “Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran”

Happy Birthday America 1776–2008!!

A Call to ACT!

Press Release Holocaust Redux – Heads-up Warning to the Jews June 30, 2008

Press Release A Response to ‘Islam in America’s public schools: Education or indoctrination?’ June 24, 2008

Response to ‘Islam in America’s public schools: Education or indoctrination?’

Press Release Education or Indoctrination in America – Cleansing it Al! June 20, 2008

Response to Nafeez Ahmed on ‘Peak Oil Motive for War’

Impeachment alone does not solve the problem!

Press Release Wakeup Pakistanis – Nuclear Strikes Await Thee June 12, 2008

Press Release Scott McClellan: Confessionals and Legal Covers June 10, 2008

Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectuals from Project Humanbeingsfirst

Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science

Take 10 and give back 1 if the Palestinians behave, then repeat!

Press Release Bible Burning in Zionistan May 25, 2008

And he ‘sleeps with the fishes’? A response to ‘Government Insider: Bush Authorized 911 Attacks’

Response to ‘Expulsion of Jews from Muslim Countries in the 60 years of Nakba’

Letter to Palestinian Think Tank on ‘Palestinian options as the Nakba turns 60’

Letter to Editor Tehran Times on ‘Iran busts CIA terror network’

Celebrating Israel’s 60th Birthday in the 60th year of the Nakba

Press Release The Only Solution to Avoid Total War May 15, 2008

Beware of the ‘wise men’ of opposition – A response to Gorbachev’s unhidden wisdom

Press Release Letter to American Peoples May 11, 2008

A letter to the American Peoples from Project Humanbeingsfirst

Letter to Editor Press TV with a message to the Iranian Peoples

2008 Orwell Prize for the Palestinian Narrative of Nakba

Response to Washington Post’s Try ‘Pakistan First’

From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror on the Grand Chessboard!

Letter to Editor – Bentham Open on Steven Jones seminal paper on the destruction of WTC towers

Letter to Noam Chomsky on Steven Jones seminal paper on the destruction of WTC

Project Humanbeingsfirst: Please take me to Pakistan (faq)

Project Humanbeingsfirst: Please take me to America (faq)

‘Bin Laden’: Key enabler of “imperial mobilization” and nuclear attack on Iran-Pakistan

You Bunch of Losers – Get Real!

A Strategy of Tension in Pakistan Part 3: Footnotes

A Strategy of Tension in Pakistan Part 2: The forces that drive them

A Strategy of Tension in Pakistan Part 1: The Assassins

Iran, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of ‘Imperial Mobilization’

The attack of ‘Al-Qaeeda’ and Pakistani ‘loose nukes’

Nuremberg: The grotesquely dancing trumpeting elephant in the newlywed’s bed!

How to derail ‘imperial mobilization’ and preempt the crossing of the Nuclear Rubicon

Why is the impending Nuclear Attack on Iran being treated as fait accompli?

Someone’s Holiday, Another’s Nakba, Our Shame!

Letter to Editor on ‘Hamas Accepts State Within 1967 Borders’

Letter to Editor – Journal of 911 Studies On how does their focus on 911 deter a nuclear attack on Iran?

Letter to Matthew Bunn of Harvard on his risk assessment of Nuclear Terrorism

Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent!

Beware of Red Herrings on Nuclear Security spun by Hectoring Hegemons

Letter2 to FPIF on ignoring the real security threat from America’s real loose nukes!

Letter to Sibel Edmonds on ‘Pakistan’s Bomb, U.S. Cover-up’

Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie March 2008

Profound Clairvoyance or Blatant Obviousness?

Letter to Richard Dawkins – Error in the First Chapter of ‘The God Delusion’?

Perpetuating the fiction of Who Killed Benazir Bhutto

Letters to Editors On their perpetuating the fiction of Who Killed Benazir Bhutto!

Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!

Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? A revised ‘strategy of tension’ in Pakistan

Rise of the Fourth Reich in America – Revenge of the Judeofascist-Zionofascist cabal

Letter to ‘Foreign Policy In Focus’ on Zia Mian’s ‘nuclear security’

Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the ‘Grand Chessboard’!

Response to Zia Mian’s ‘How Not to Handle Nuclear Security’

Disassembling the Pakistani red herrings

Open Letter to the Pakistani Peoples – Wakeup!

Re-Imagining Pakistan’s Defenses – Open Letter to a Pakistani General

Saving Pakistan from Synthetic ‘Terror Central’

The Missing Link – Full Spectrum Deterrence

Islamofascism – Zionofascism – Judeofascism – Christofascism – Neofascism etc.

History is great fun to rehearse – what does it do for us today?

Poodle-states are necessary for Imperial Mobilization!

The Quest for Legitimacy in Pakistan

The Re-Gathering Storm

On deconstructing the hullabaloo surrounding Finkelstein’s tenure

Prisoners of the Cave – Deception Point 911 And Its Greatest Democratic Enablers

Letter to Editor Newton TAB

Letter to Channel 5 Boston ‘Noam Chomsky Speaks At Newton School’

Letter to Chronicle on ‘Dershowitz vs. Finkelstein’

Open Letter to President of Depaul University

Open Letter To Daniel Pipes

America’s Shame!

War on Iran and Responsibilities of a People!

They dared to knock on my door!

Open Letter to Former President Jimmy Carter

Introducing Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid

Whytalksfail? Letters and Replies

Dialog among Civilizations: whytalksfail? Part-1

Open Letter to Amnesty International, USA

Introducing A Game As Old As Empire

Responsibility of Intellectuals – Redux

The endless trail of red herrings

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