Iran Today – Building Self Reliance Under Siege By Zahir Ebrahim

Iran Today – Building Self Reliance Under Siege

Is it enough to outlive sanctions and deter military invasion??

Audio Click to hear 'What I Learned in Iran' by Mark Weber September 2012

Click to hear ‘What I Learned in Iran’ by Mark Weber September 2012 (Photo Tehran at night,

A friendless Muslim nation of 75 million stands alone against hectoring hegemons!

What is their crime?

The Loud REJECTION of Occidentosis – A Plague From The West


The Loud ACCEPTANCE Of Their Inalienable Right To INDEPENDENCE AND SELF-DETERMINATION As All Nations Of The West Claim Entitlement To;

Without Being Harvested As A Hegelian Dialectic — A Fabricated Enemy for Imperial Mobilization


The day is not far away when Zbigniew Brzezinski, or his inheritors, will make the same confession about bringing “revolutionary Islam” to Iran as both Robert Gates and Brzezinski did about “Mujahadeen Islam” to Afghanistan with: God is on your side!

Both Brilliantly lighting the Arc of Crisis in the Global Zone of Percolating Violence, seeding a never ending revolutionary times across the planet ripe for multiple harvests.

Without persistent enemies world government would not be possible!

And “The Rise of Revolutionary Islam” is the best enemy that even money cannot buy! That “enemy” is now being manufactured in Pakistan under the “New SAVAK” with the grotesque Shia killings on a daily basis at the hands of the vassals of empire! While Iran today has no way out, caught as it is in the Hegelian Dialectic, except to remain steadfast and persevere, Pakistan can still prevent herself from becoming the new persistent “enemy” of the West.

If I had to architect that inextinguishable Hegelian inferno based on diabolically harnessing Islam and Muslims for Imperial Mobilization, I surely could not have done it any better myself. There is no mind more amenable to being choreographed as puppets on a string by Machiavellian power as the Muslim public mind!

Without comprehension of game theory, Pakistan and Iran will likely share the same ultimate fate in this lifetime of ‘War on Terror’ through which much progress towards one world government has already been made.

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Iran Today – Building Self Reliance Under Siege By Zahir Ebrahim